02/14/2017 12:42 EST

Genius App Helps Women Find Mom Friends

The Peanut app works similar to the dating app Tinder to connect nearby moms.

It’s always nice to have mom friends who can relate to your parenting struggles, but they aren’t always easy to find. Not only is it difficult to find time for a social life when taking care of a little one, but trying to reach out to fellow moms in the park can sometimes be awkward.

Luckily, thanks to technology, we now have an app that helps women find mom friends.

The new app, called Peanut, works similar to the dating app Tinder in that it takes your location and connects you with fellow moms nearby.

According to Tech Crunch, moms can swipe through the app to find potential friends. A quick swipe up gives a fellow mom a wave, while a swipe down lets you skip their profile. Moms are connected based on shared interests, such as occupation, languages they speak and, of course, their kids.

The profile section allows users to input the names and ages of their children, as well as share photos. As Scary Mommy notes, this is useful for other moms to determine whether or not you and your kids will be a good match for playdates.

The app, which is geared towards expectant moms to moms with kids up to age 16, also allows users to send messages to each other, create group chats and set up invites for get-togethers.

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Michelle Kennedy, one of Peanut’s co-founders, is a mom herself and believes the need to connect with other women has never been stronger, or more important.

“I actually think the political climate right now demonstrates the need to hang out and need to connect with women [who] are like-minded and share your values, more than ever,” she told Tech Crunch. “If I can make that part a little easier, then that’s a good thing.”

Kennedy has also stressed this on the app’s website, which reads: “Just because you entered motherhood, you didn’t stop being you. We’re on a mission to build a community of women, who happen to be mamas. Because let’s face it, the more women in your life, the better it becomes.”

Peanut is now available for free on iOS.

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