02/14/2017 06:23 EST | Updated 02/15/2017 10:32 EST

WestJet Pilot Treats Stranded Air Canada Flight To Pizza

"Who wants some pizza?"

A WestJet pilot made some hungry Air Canada passengers very happy last week after they were stranded in New Brunswick.

On Feb. 8, an Air Canada flight from Toronto to St. John's was forced to land in Fredericton thanks to the weather.

Passenger John Samms wrote on Facebook that an Air Canada employee told passengers no restaurants were open to deliver food at midnight — leaving vending machines as the only option for the hungry crowd.

"Suddenly, a pilot emerges and says, 'Hey guys, I'm from WestJet, we do things differently. Who wants some pizza?'" Samms wrote.

About 20 minutes later, passengers were dining on pizza, which Samms believes the pilot paid for out of pocket.

WestJet respectfully declined to share the name of the pilot that came to the rescue, but Air Canada was happy to thank their competitor for stepping up.

"Unfortunately the food service was closed but thankfully, a caring customer, an airline employee himself, so truly empathetic to the situation, stepped up and helped out," an Air Canada spokesperson wrote in an emailed statement.

The airline thanked him for his "generous spirit."

"Clearly we should have done better for our customers and have been in touch with them to apologize," the email read.

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