Parents Need To Ditch The Parenting Books And Trust Their Gut

"Throw the damn books out the window and tune into your children. You can fix it."

Social media, parenting books, and, well, Google — they're all at the modern day parent's disposal.

When a new parent has a question or they need advice, they turn to the Internet, full of other parents, experts and doctors, for help.

But this form of modern day parenting, one that sees blogs, books and Facebook leading the way in guiding new parents and offering endless advice, can be incredibly overwhelming. Mothers and fathers are left wondering what advice they should take or leave from all these resources.

In an interview with "Cityline," parenting expert Nanny Robina said today's parents are overparenting.

"First time mom who read[s] so many parenting books, she's doubting herself," Nanny Robina said. "They forget to follow their gut instinct. They automatically switch off when the help is coming from somewhere else."

And it's true. Today's parents are over-analyzing their personal techniques and asking if their parenting is good enough. From mommy groups to online forums, parents are often left feeling judged for what they take from and give to their child.

So how can parents find the confidence in themselves to let go of judgement and expectations? Nanny Robina suggests these two simple things:

"Throw the damn books out the window and tune into your children," Nanny Robina says. Parents tend to Google everything today, and that isn't always the healthiest option.

"Learn to tune into your child and baby. Put down your device," Nanny Robina recommends, saying our parents were not dependent on using technology when raising us. In that respect, modern day parents can actually learn a lot from their parents. Look at the way you were raised and tweak it into a parenting style you feel most confident in pursuing. Instead of following steps, follow what is right for you and your child.

"If you are giving your baby the very best you can do, that is the very best parenting," Nanny Robina says. "You will learn from your mistakes. It's trial and error. Learning what works and what doesn't work will make you a great parent."

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