02/16/2017 03:24 EST

Canada Spring Forecast 2017 From AccuWeather Is A Real Mixed Bag

AccuWeather predicts that western Canada will see great conditions for skiing.

Looks like the groundhogs have some competition.

While Canada's furry creatures predicted an early spring, AccuWeather forecasts that large swaths of the country won’t warm up until the second half of the season.

Western Canada will continue to see rain and snow, the company predicted in a press release.

Check it out. (Photo: AccuWeather)

The first half will be chilly and wet for British Columbia, with the potential for heavy snowfall in mountain areas into April, according to AccuWeather weather expert Brett Anderson.

But that will be good news for ski resorts.

Parts of the eastern Prairies could see flooding in the later part of spring as the area thaws.

"A combination of above-normal winter snowfall, unusually high river levels and the potential for ice jams will lead to a major flood risk in low-lying areas near rivers and streams from southeastern Saskatchewan into portions of northwestern Ontario,” Anderson said.

Only northeastern Canada to warm up early

Southern and central Ontario and southern Quebec will see a cold, damp start to spring. Temperatures won’t warm up until April.

Atlantic Canada may see some cold, stormy weather in April and May.

The only part of the country expected to defrost early is the northeast, from Labrador and northern Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba to most of Nunavut.

Let’s just say they deserve it. Iqaluit is hovering below -20 C right now.

Spring officially starts in the Northern Hemisphere on March 20.

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