02/16/2017 01:23 EST | Updated 02/22/2017 09:27 EST

Newfoundland Blizzard Prompts This Creative Snow Removal Hack

Two Newfoundlanders walk into a blizzard with a snowblower and a car...

Sounds like the setup to an ultra-Canadian joke, right?

Bethany Loveman captured a truly Canadian life hack Wednesday, when her dad and fiancé got creative while blowing snow from their Botwood, N.L. driveway. (Watch their trick in the video above.)

Loveman told The Huffington Post Canada that it was the pair's first time testing out the method and that "it worked, but they only done it for the duration of the video," before going back to more conventional snow removal techniques.

Storm-stayed East Coasters are finding ways to entertain themselves after back-to-back storms this week have dumped huge amounts of snow on the Atlantic provinces, and shut down transit, schools, and many businesses.

One New Brunswick man even resorted to plowing snow in a bikini just to get a laugh.

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