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Davis Museum In Massachusetts Removes, Covers Up Artwork From Immigrants

WELLESLEY, Mass. — A museum at a small liberal arts college in Massachusetts has removed or covered dozens of artwork produced by immigrant artists or donated by foreign-born collectors to illustrate their contribution to the cultural wealth of the United States.

The Art-Less project has effectively removed or shrouded 120 works of art, or about 20 per cent of artwork on display in the galleries at Wellesley College's Davis Museum.

One of the main works missing is a portrait of George Washington by U.S. immigrant Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller, according to CNN.

The painting was also donated to the museum by an immigrant family.

davis museum

120 works of art, or about 20 per cent of artwork on display has been covered up at the Davis Museum. (Photo: Wochit/Screenshot)

Museum Director Lisa Fischman says the Art-Less project illustrates the kind of loss that we would feel without the gifts of immigrant artists and immigrant collectors.

davis museum

The director said the project illustrates the kind of loss we'd feel without immigrants' gifts. (Photo: Wochit/Screenshot)

Museum visitor Audrey Stevens says the project is also a protest that sends a message that contribution from immigrants has made the U.S. the desirable nation it is today.

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