02/17/2017 02:56 EST | Updated 02/17/2017 05:32 EST

Spontaneous Ottawa Skating Lesson Is Why Canada Is 'Ridiculous And Wonderful'

You couldn't have scripted a more perfect Canadian winter scene.

The Rink of Dreams outside of Ottawa City Hall.

Two newcomers to Canada struggling on ice skates.

A handful of strangers.

One is a figure skating instructor.

Yes, what unfolds next is exactly why "this country is ridiculous and wonderful and welcoming."

Those are the words of Lauren Dobson-Hughes, who chronicled the real-life movie scene. Grab your popcorn for her telling of the story in the video above.

Dobson-Hughes told CTV News she was motivated to share the story on Twitter to contrast the developments from the anti-immigration initiatives under U.S. President Donald Trump.

While Canada is not perfect, she said it was a "perfect" moment courtesy of strangers who showed two young men "a small slice of what it is to be Canadian."

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