02/20/2017 19:23 EST | Updated 02/21/2018 00:12 EST

Calgary woman asks for the return of items belonging to her dead son

CALGARY — A Calgary woman is asking the public for help to track down several mementoes from her deceased son that were stolen from her vehicle while she was in Red Deer, Alta., on the weekend.

Elissa Carpenter, a former reporter at CTV Calgary, suddenly and unexpectedly lost her son Evan, 14, a few weeks ago after he suffered a brain aneurysm and died in a B.C. hospital.

Carpenter was in Red Deer on Sunday visiting her mother when her car was broken into, and items including the guest book from his funeral, items from the service and his favourite shoes were stolen.

Carpenter says they were the last memories she has of her son and she just wants the items back, no questions asked.

She says if the thief or thieves understand they stole the items from a dead child, she believes they might do the right thing.

She's asking for the items to be taken to a church or fire hall.

(CTV Calgary)