Twitter Can't Get Enough Of Gordon Ramsay's Brutally Honest Food Reviews

The British chef isn't holding back.

Gordon Ramsay is the king of criticism.

Over the past week, the British chef – who’s known for his high food standards and quippy insults – has been hilariously slamming people’s cooking creations on Twitter. And in true Ramsay fashion, he isn’t holding back.

He also called out those who claimed they made “homemade” meals.

But despite his harsh comments, people can’t seem to get enough.

Watch the video above to see more of Ramsay’s brutally honest critiques.

While many people have tweeted their meals to the “MasterChef” star and failed to impress, there have been some that actually managed to receive a positive remark.

Ramsay certainly knows a good meal when he sees one.

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