02/22/2017 11:53 EST | Updated 02/23/2017 10:56 EST

Blogger's Eczema Post Reminds Us Social Media Shows Off 'The Good'

"We all have good days and we all have bad days."

We all fall into the ugly habit of believing everything we see on social media is real life.

And for many of us, this means scrolling through images of clear skin, flawless makeup and bodies that appear perfect. But British-based fitness blogger Carys Gray wants to debunk this myth and prove not everything you see online is "the good."

"Slightly different #REALITYCHECK today! ‼️ We all have good days and we all have bad days😞 I have a skin condition called eczema and sometimes my skin is happy as Larry and sometimes it has flare ups," she wrote on Instagram.

"Social media/Instagram will show the good days. The good parts of people and their lives and that's ok!! That's what social media is for!," she continued.

"But here's a reminder that next time you see something on social media that you think is 'goals' that it's not the full story, it's not how that person will look or be alllllll the time."

In the pair of photos, one shows Gray wearing a full face of makeup, while the other is makeup-free. In the second picture, you can see Gray's eczema and red skin.

"When my eczema isn't under control, it's very blotchy, sore and I can't wear any make up," she wrote. "both me, both real and both totally acceptable."

She adds she is still struggling to accept the photo on the right, and it continues to be an insecurity for her.

"I'm learning to accept myself knowing that everyone has their own struggles and insecurities and that's what makes us unique and special."

Eczema appears in both childredn and adults, and can lead to itchy, inflamed and uncomfortable skin. While there is no quick-fix for the condition, there are precautions people can take.

Using calming creams, supplementing your diet and stepping away from the shower occasionally can help.

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