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Improve Sperm Count And Quality By Going For A Run

It doesn't even have to be long.

Time to hit the treadmill.

A recent study from the journal Reproduction found men who took up and stuck with running significantly improved the quality and quantity of their sperm.

But that doesn't mean you need to start training for a marathon. According to researchers the best quality of sperm was found in men who consistently engaged in moderate activity, like running on a treadmill for 30 minutes three times a week.

According to experts, the key is finding a balance and sticking to it as benefits begin to wane within as little as a month of stopping training. The type of exercise chosen also plays a major role in sperm health as activities like biking and extreme weight lifting have been known to harm sperm count.

While the research seems promising for couples hoping to conceive, lead researcher Behzad Hajizadeh Maleki told the BBC there are other factors to consider aside from sperm count. "It's important to acknowledge that the reason some men can't have children isn't just based on their sperm count," he explained. "Male infertility problems can be complex and changing lifestyles might not solve these cases easily."

Still, it couldn't hurt to go for a short jog around the block if you've got babies on the brain.

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