Simple Hacks To Help Your Baby Fall Asleep At Night

Grab the olive oil!

Ask any exhausted parent and they'll tell you their sleepless nights are due to their baby not being able to catch some zzz's.

This whole sleeping thing has got to be easier, right? What can these tired mothers and fathers do to get their baby relaxed so they can finally get some rest?

In the video above, HuffPost U.K. teamed up with Oilatum to offer exhausted parents some simple tips on how to help their baby fall asleep quickly and smoothly as well as how to know when baby is ready to be put to bed.

Now, you probably weren't expecting this, but head to your kitchen cupboard and grab olive oil. Yup, it's not just a cooking ingredient! Olive oil is known for its goodness on the skin and improving sleep.

Using gentle but firm strokes, draw out the letter 'I,' moving into drawing an upside down 'L,' and and upside down 'U.' Make sure to massage under your baby's ribs down to the belly button and repeat this six to eight times. This will relax and soothe your baby.

To figure out whether your baby is in a deep sleep and ready for bed, try out the floppy arm sleep test. This can be done by lifting their arm and letting go of it gently. If the arm drops heavy, prepare yourself for a good night's rest because your baby is ready for a slumber.

Dealing with a toddler who has trouble sleeping? There are toddler alarms on the market to help you with sleep training. Fun images help communicate to children when it's time to go back to sleep and when it's time to get up.

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