02/26/2017 11:52 EST | Updated 02/27/2017 08:26 EST

'Hidden Figures' Hero Katherine Johnson Receives Standing Ovation At 2017 Oscars

The real-life inspiration behind the Oscar-nominated film “Hidden Figures” was honoured at Sunday’s Academy Awards with a standing ovation.

Katherine Johnson, 98, joined the film’s stars Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monáe and Octavia Spencer on stage as they revealed the winner for Best Documentary Feature. But before they made the announcement, Henson, who plays Johnson in the film, praised the retired mathematician for being “a true NASA and American hero.”

“Thank you very much,” Johnson said.

The beautiful moment on stage touched the hearts of many, not just in the crowd, but also at home.

Many also praised the fact that Johnson was “finally getting the recognition she deserves.”

“Hidden Figures” is partially inspired by Johnson, and tells the story of three African American women and their accomplishments at NASA in the 1960s.

Johnson worked at NASA for more than 30 years as a research mathematician, according to the agency’s website. During her career, she not only helped launch the first American into space, but she also helped John Glenn to become the first American to orbit the Earth.

Thanks to this small tribute at the Oscars, Johnson is no longer a hidden figure. Bravo!

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