02/27/2017 05:33 EST | Updated 02/27/2017 05:35 EST

Kimberlee Kasatkin's Partner Arrested In Connection With Her Disappearance

Her family flew to Peru to find her.

A B.C. woman's disappearance from her home in Peru last year is now being investigated as a homicide.

Kimberlee Kasatkin's parents last heard from their daughter on Nov. 26. The 41-year-old, who is originally from Abbotsford, had been living in Lima with her common-law partner Christopher Franz and her two children for the past three years.

"Kim is a loving mother and she's very active on social media," her mother Kathleen Kasatkin said in a press conference on Jan. 11.

Kimberlee's parents flew to Peru in January to search for answers.

"Up to five people go missing a day in Lima and it has been implied that bribes and rewards are the surest way to start getting answers in Peru," the family wrote on a GoFundMe page set up to help fund their search.

Shortly after Kasatkin's disappearance, her partner appeared in a video where he told a missing persons blogger Kasatkin was depressed and had abandoned her family without leaving a note, CTV News reported.

Kimberlee Kasatkin's family last heard from her in November 2016. (Photo: GoFundMe)

Last week, Franz was arrested in connection with her disappearance. Local Peruvian news station 24 Hours released a video of his arrest on YouTube.

The Kasatkin family's lawyer told 24 Hours that Franz was allegedly seen carrying a heavy package from his home, and how police are testing blood found on the wall outside of his home to see if it belongs to Kasatkin.

Kasatkin's brother, Roger Grafstrom, told the Vancouver Sun the couple met when Franz was attending college on Vancouver Island.

The couple have a six-year-old son born in Canada. Their three-year-old daughter was born in Peru.

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