03/01/2017 06:17 EST

5-Year-Old Girl Channels 28 Iconic Black Women For Every Day Of Black History Month

So spot on!

Black History Month may officially be over, but photos of this five-year-old will leave you feeling inspired for the rest of the year.

After coming home from school on Martin Luther King Jr. Day — which is celebrated in January in the U.S. — little Lola was excited to tell her parents she had learned all about the civil rights leader that day.

Mom Cristi Smith-Jones, and the little girl's dad saw this as a good opportunity to teach their daughter about black history in a way the tot could understand.

"Since it's a heavy topic, we wanted to find a way to make learning about black history fun for her," Smith-Jones shared with CNN on Monday.

From there, the idea of the photo series was born, which involved Lola's mom and dad compiling photos of women they wanted to teach their daughter about. The five-year-old then chose her favourites to portray.

From astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison to author Toni Morrison, ballerina Misty Copeland and many other iconic black women, the similarites in these photos are uncanny.

And not only are the photos adorable, but mom says the project has given her daughter the confidence to know she can become anything she wants to be.

So amazing!

Check out more of the photos below, or find the complete set on Smith-Jones' Twitter page here.

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