03/01/2017 15:41 EST

Montmorency Falls Tourists Stray Terrifyingly Close To Cliff In Drone Video

It's higher than Niagara Falls!

Warning: this video might give you vertigo.

A stormchaser captured this video of tourists getting a bit too close for comfort to a jaw-dropping waterfall.

Francis Lavigne-Theriault caught drone video of people sliding down packed snow and ice beside Quebec's Montmorency Falls on Friday. The daring bunch seem to be unfazed as freezing water drops over an 84 metre cliff — higher than Niagara Falls.

That's a steep drop. (Photo: Ellen Creager/Detroit Free Press/TNS via Getty)

Lavigne-Theriault says the park is open to anyone this time of year. Usually, that spot isn't frozen over, so in warmer weather it would be hard to get as close as these thrill-seekers did.

"Nobody would have been able to save them if they did fall," he told The Huffington Post Canada.

If you're looking to visit the falls, the view from the cable car or suspension bridge is definitely a safer bet.

Watch the video above.

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