03/02/2017 08:25 EST

The Adulting School Is Officially A Thing

Adult like a boss.

Adulthood can basically be summed up by this photo of Jake Gyllenhaal:

Jake, we feel you.

Most of us went to school and became really educated human beings, but did anyone teach us how to be a functioning adult? NOT REALLY.

If only there was a school to teach young adults the skills needed to become a successful somebody in this world...

Enter The Adulting School.

The Adulting School is the brain child of Portland psychotherapist, Rachel Weinstein, and Katie Brunelle, who were seeing clients who didn't know the basic skills needed for people to transition into adulthood.

With the help of webinars, summits and workshops, the school teaches the fundamentals of life that some of us young people never picked up along the way (what's a pension plan?!).

But let's face it: Some of us are better at being adults than others. So how do you know if you need this class? There's a quiz.

Just like any school, The Adulting School has created a test to see if you are the perfect candidate to enroll in the program. Questions range from 'Do you know how much money is in your account?' to 'Do you know how to mince onions?'

The school is an online community and class begins in the next few weeks.

Now grab your pencils and notebooks, because it's time for you to become an adult.

For more details check out The Adulting School and the video above!

And for more tips to keep learning as an adult, check out the slideshow below:

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