03/02/2017 01:11 EST

Health Risks Older Dads Need To Know About

Turns out women aren't the only ones who have to worry about their biological clocks.

According to CNN, older fathers are 45 per cent more likely to have children with health conditions like autism and schizophrenia thanks to a mutation of aging sperm.

And it's not just older fathers who are at risk. In the video above by Buzz60, Angeli Kakade explains that even young fathers can develop this sperm mutation.

Other risks associated with pregnancy involving an older father include dwarfism, which is the result of genetic mutations passed on through the sperm. Even cancer risks rise as fathers gets older, Men's Health reports.

But being an older dad isn't all bad news — like older mothers, researchers say there are benefits to waiting to conceive, including a longer life for your little one.

While the facts are alarming, urologist Robert E. Brannigan says the risks are still low and most older dads go on to father healthy children.

Watch the video above for more reasons on why waiting to become a dad isn't necessarily a bad idea.

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