03/02/2017 15:00 EST | Updated 03/02/2017 15:01 EST

Kellie Leitch Video: Tory Suggests Her Production Went Viral Because Of Its Message

"Leitch is living in denial here," one Twitter user said.

Kellie Leitch suggested a viral video about her immigration policy is proof that Canadians support her views.

*Insert silent pause here*

The video, posted on her social media Saturday, was widely mocked for its questionable editing and long dramatic pauses (a total of one minute and 47 seconds of silence, to be exact). But Leitch says that's just the media making fun of her.

"I published a video just a few days ago, over half a million Canadians have watched it," she said during an interview with CBC's "Calgary Eyeopener" on Thursday.

Candidate Kellie Leitch addresses a Conservative leadership debate on Feb. 13 in Montreal. (Photo: Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press)

"And so I'm delighted that now, unfiltered, the Canadian public can see what I'm talking about. And, as I said, the majority of Canadians completely agree with my idea," she continued.

Twitter users were quick to clarify why the video garnered so much attention.

"Leitch is living in denial here," one person tweeted.

The Ontario MP has been criticized — by people across the political spectrum — for her immigration proposal, which suggests that newcomers be screened for so-called "Canadian values."

Leitch has maintained that her plan is a "common sense" policy, and is not racist or divisive.

"It will apply to all people equally regardless of where they are born," she said last month. "As a nation we are as interested in keeping out white supremacists, as we are in keeping out those who believe women are property."

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