03/02/2017 04:47 EST

Unboxing White Feminism From The Inside Out

There's a big difference between feminism and white feminism.

We all know what feminism means, but what makes white feminism different?

In the video above, Dylan of Seriously TV unboxes (and we mean literally unboxes) white feminism and all of its parts.

"Don't be fooled," he says. "[White feminism] is frequently mislabelled as just 'feminism' but the two are actually very different."

Calling white feminism a "very exclusive" product, Dylan dives into how feminism is open to everyone but white feminism only benefits white women in particular.

And while celebrities like Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham have been called out for their white feminism, Mic points out there are truths every white feminist needs to know, such as representation isn't just for show and white women shouldn't hold women of colour to different feminist standards.

Oh, and don't forget about the deflection force field — it will come in handy.

Watch the full video above.