03/04/2017 01:57 EST | Updated 06/22/2018 14:16 EDT

HuffPost Canada Follow-Up Podcast: So What's Going On With The Conservative Party?

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We've been wondering about the Conservative Party and its increasingly divisive leadership race. Who are they wooing? Who are they speaking for? And does this appeal to populists mark a shift in the party's direction?

It's a perfect theme for the first episode of our new politics podcast, Follow-Up, hosted by HuffPost Canada's Ottawa bureau chief Althia Raj.

"I think it's a pretty stark choice in this leadership race. It's really a battle for the soul of the Conservative party," Tory leadership candidate Michael Chong tells Raj in the podcast. "I never expected it would take a turn to the darker side of Canadian politics."

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Chong is featured in the first episode, along with former Reform party leader Preston Manning and some very interesting voices from the party's leadership debate in Edmonton this past week.

Michael Chong joins Althia Raj in HuffPost Canada's Toronto studio for an interview. (Photo: Stephanie Sannuto/HuffPost Canada)

Join us bi-weekly as Althia and the HuffPost Canada Politics team spark some thoughtful and frank conversations with Canada's top political insiders.

"We like the idea of sort of circling back, taking a second to revisit something that was just said, to pull on that string a little bit. To see what else is there," says senior politics editor Ryan Maloney. "We like the idea of not just letting something stand. You know, not just letting a message just sit out there, but actually challenging it."

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