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People Are Counting To 130 Million For Every Girl Around The World Who's Not In School

Believe it or not, there are 130 million girls around the world who are not in school, according to ONE, an advocacy organization that aims to end extreme poverty and preventable disease globally. And for International Women's Day on March 8th, the initiative is looking to make this fact known worldwide.

Starting from the number one, people around the world will be counting to 130 million for each girl who presently isn't enrolled in school to make a strong point about the importance of education. (You can claim your number here.)

If you're as outraged at this as we are, join us >>> Add your name to our letter now using the link in our bio.

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"These 130 million girls don’t have a fair chance to live a decent and productive life, and the entire world misses out by not benefitting from their potential," ONE declared in a blog post.

The non-profit continued, "130 million is a big number. But this isn’t about numbers: It’s about real girls with hopes and dreams being denied the fair chance of a future."

While the organization recognizes that some girls aren't allowed to go to school as a result of "cultural norms and costs, to violence and extremism," they blatantly assert that by pushing world leaders to act, these groups are less likely to become child brides, contract HIV and, of course, have a better chance of being lifted out of poverty.

Last month, ONE released a video explaining how poverty is sexist and in turn affects women and girls on a larger scale. And Prime Minister Justin Trudeau agrees.

In an open letter written last year, the PM stated, "Women and girls are less likely to get an education, more likely to be impoverished, and face greater risk of disease and poor health... As a feminist, I know that women must be treated equally everywhere."

Learn more about the campaign and how to get involved with #GirlsCount campaign here.

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