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Cuddling After Sex Makes You Happier

It feels good, d'uh!

Sex makes you happy and the more sex you have the happier you are. You know it's true, but you probably didn't know why — until now.

According to a new study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, it's all about the cuddles.

“When engaging in sex, people not only seek an intimate connection, but indeed experience more affection, both when having sex and in the next several hours,” University of Toronto postdoctoral researcher Anik Debrot wrote in her report.

For her study, Debrot looked at four different groups and monitored frequency of sex and touch. In one test group, Debrot looked at the diaries of 106 Swiss couples with children and found that the more sex a couple had in the span of 10 days, the more satisfaction the couple felt in their relationship up to six months later.

"Sex within romantic relationships provides a meaningful way for people to experience a strong connection with their partner," she explained.

And the benefits of cuddle time go beyond creating a bond between couples.

Thanks to the release of oxytocin (a.k.a. the feel-good hormone) and endorphins, cuddling gives you the same great feeling you get after working out or indulging in chocolate.

Oxytocin can also help reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure, which can also lower the risk of heart disease.

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