03/06/2017 10:02 EST

These Plus-Size Women Break Fashion Rules For A Week


Someone, somewhere, came up with a ridiculous list of fashion rules plus-size women were supposed to follow — don't wear crop tops, don't wear stripes, don't wear strapless dresses, etc.

Yup, someone decided these fashions just aren't flattering on plus-size women. And frankly, we think that's ridiculous, because fashion is for everyone, no matter your size.

So to prove these so-called "rules" are total bogus, the women of Buzzfeed wore the clothes society told them not to wear to work for a week — and the results are amazing.

Rocking all the trends thrown at them — from the iconic crop top and high-waisted pants combo to bodycon dresses — the women quickly learn that you get to wear what you want to wear.

"If you feel beautiful and confident in a certain item, go for it!" Sheridan Watson said.

"As people we decide to tell ourselves, 'No, we can't do this,' and we cut ourselves off from feeling more confident and more sexy," Jazzmyne said. "I don't care if you have two followers on Instagram or two million, you post that selfie in whatever clothes you want and you will look good and it doesn't matter because you're doing it for you."

We agree!

To check out these women break all the rules ever-so-fashionably, check out the video above!

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