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8 Sex Tips For Men With Small Penises

"Size isn't as important as it's made out to be in porn."

For men with not-so-large penises, getting naked in front of your partner might be a little intimidating.

And as much as we hear how size doesn't matter, men with small penises may have a harder time feeling confident in their skin.

"There are some people who have a preferred size range and some people prefer a smaller penis," says Sheri Winston, a sex educator based in Kingston, N.Y. and author of Women’s Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure.

"But it doesn't make a difference to most people."

Having a small penis doesn't mean you're less likely to orgasm or less likely to make your partner climax as well.

Below, Winston gives us eight sex tips for men with smaller penises, and what partners can do to make them feel more comfortable.

Talk to your partner: Communication is key and if you feel insecure about your body parts, always let your partner know.

"A great way to start this difficult conversation is to say, 'This is really hard for me to talk about,'" Winston says. "Start by telling the truth and tell them how you're feeling anxious."

And as the other partner, be understanding: Remember, this isn't an easy subject to talk about and your response shouldn't be humourous.

"The way your partner responds is a good indicator of how they feel," Winston says.

As the partner on the receiving end of the news, ensure your man you don't care and want to have sex anyway.

Try other methods of reaching the big O: Sex doesn't always have to be about vaginal or anal sex. For men with smaller penises, oral sex and hand jobs are one way to get the penis going, Winston says.

"If we're really looking for great pleasure and connection, this may be the best way to get it."

Size really doesn't matter: There are people who prefer size range, Winston says, but most men and women don't care.

"Don't get hung up on size in the first place. Even if you are with someone with a preferred size range, they are not necessarily attached," she says.

Some men and women like small penises and for heterosexual couples, remember, the vagina is elastic and can expand — so stop worrying.

"Size isn't as important as it's made out to be in porn."

Most women can't reach orgasms with just a penis: Stop putting so much pressure on your penis —most women need a lot of extra work to climax, Winston says.

"If you're a man and you're having heterosexual sex and she's not having orgasms from it, it's because most women are not having it through just intercourse."

Try stimulating the clitoris instead.

Open up: When it comes to intercourse, men with smaller penises have an easier time getting in (whichever way they want to get in) when men and women open up their legs, Winston says.

"Positions of the pelvis tilted up and legs wide open are going to be the best positions to get deeper."

For anal sex, it's better if the receiving partner is kneeling with their butt up in the air. And if they are lying down (with their legs open) put a pillow under their butt to angle the penis up.

Some positions are better than others in general: Winston recommends this position for men with smaller packages:

For the vagina or anus, the penis owner lays on their side and the receiving partner slides themselves into the penis instead.

Oh, and slow down! This isn't a race.

"Porn is always so vigorous, which can be great, but some people aren't exploring the easier and slower methods of sex."

Take things slow, talk about how you feel and get more intimate.

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