03/07/2017 12:09 EST

'Strong Like Mom' T-Shirt Breaks Gender Stereotypes In The Best Way

Parents everywhere are praising the T-shirt for its positive message.

Target’s new “Strong Like Mom” T-shirt is being praised for sending an empowering message to moms and kids alike and for breaking gender stereotypes.

“The shirt makes me really happy because it sends the message that moms are strong,” Katie Reyes, a California mom-of-two, told “Of course, dads are strong, too, but sometimes the message (in society) is that moms are less strong; that we’re just supposed to be pretty and nice.”

The unisex T-shirt is part of Target’s Cat & Jack line, which is known for including positive messages in its kids’ clothes. The slogans on the tees focus on positive qualities and inspiring phrases for both boys and girls, such as “Smart and Strong,” “Future President,” “I’ve Got This” and “Yes I Can.”

Specifically, the “Strong Like Mom” T-shirt has become a huge success because it’s a step away from the typical gendered slogans that are plastered on kids’ tees.

As Babble writer Rachel Garlinghouse points out, “When there were tees for fathers and daughters, the tee’s phrase would declare something like ‘my heart belongs to Daddy,’ which hints at stereotypical femininity and implies that every girl needs a male hero to rescue and complete her. Likewise, the tees available for my son often bragged about his looks, reading ‘chicks dig me’ or ‘little heartbreaker.’”

Since the T-shirt was released, it’s inspired its own hashtag on social media, which parents are using to praise the tee’s empowering message.

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Considering March is Women's Month, it's not surprising that parents are taking time to celebrate moms with this inspiring T-shirt.

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