03/09/2017 01:35 EST | Updated 03/09/2017 01:37 EST

7 Women Who Are Not Afraid To Embrace Their Body Hair

"You are fully entitled to express yourself in whatever way you'd like."

It’s a fact of life that people have body hair — women included.

But regardless of this truth, females are still scrutinized if they aren’t constantly waxed or shaved, while men can typically flaunt their fuzzy armpits or legs freely.

Women are also often depicted as “unattractive” if they embrace their natural body hair, so it’s about time this narrative gets switched up.

Whether or not women rid themselves of their arm, leg, pubic or other hairs is their own personal choice — and no one should be shamed for either decision.

So in celebration of International Women’s Day, which was on March 8, let’s celebrate the ladies who are fearlessly going against the mould and proudly flaunting their body hair out in the open.

"I'm creating the image myself and expressing my sexuality, loving my body, and that's all OKAY. You are fully entitled to express yourself in whatever way you'd like."@ericamichellehart

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"Expectations of female body to be hairless for it to be considered 'feminine' are based on social constructions, not biology. I have been relatively hairy for my whole life and I have been bullied and criticized for it. It took me over 20 years to accept and love my body and its hair. It's good to be fluffy!"@lykantropia

"I decided late 2015 I was done shaving, done being ashamed of my body hair, from my head, armpits, stomach area, legs and vagina, I was OVER WITH IT."

"I finally learned how to love all the things about myself i wasted so much time hating."@mosquitoqueens

"Ladies, do not be embarrassed of your body hair! Rock it! Own it! Love it!"@monstersandlace

"Self love is the best love."@veryhairyfaery

"I'm proud to be a woman and I'm proud to be able to be all I ever wish to be or rather are."@sagadansar

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