03/12/2017 11:59 EDT | Updated 03/13/2017 09:00 EDT

'SNL' Mocks Ivanka Trump's Fake Feminism With 'Complicit' Perfume Ad

"She’s beautiful, she’s powerful, she’s complicit."

"Saturday Night Live" gave Ivanka Trump her own glamorous perfume commercial this week.

“She’s a woman who knows what she wants and knows what she’s doing," the voiceover says, as Scarlett Johansson as Trump struts into a black-tie affair, making guests' heads turn.

"She’s beautiful, she’s powerful, she’s complicit."

The parody poked fun at Trump's curated image as a women's rights advocate.

"A feminist, an advocate, a champion for women, but, like, how?" the narrator says, as Johansson smizes for the camera while other women in the room cringe.

It was the second time Johansson has stepped into Trump's shoes. In 2007, she lampooned Trump's role on "The Apprentice" in a fake segment of "Live! with Regis and Kelly."

It's the second week in a row the show has taken a jab at those unwilling to stand up to U.S. President Donald Trump.

Last week, "SNL" ran a skit for a movie trailer about the "Republican patriot" who was willing to stand up to Trump. Just one problem — the film's hero is "to be determined."

"Complicit" isn't a fragrance just available for women. The skit notes that it comes as a cologne for Jared, too.

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