03/15/2017 12:02 EDT

WATCH: What Your Daughter Hears When You Criticize Yourself

"You're beautiful, even if you don't think you're beautiful."

Women are tough on themselves, especially when it comes to their bodies and appearance. And we often can't help but partake in negative self-talk throughout the day.

And for a mother, who often puts her family first, her self-confidence tends to be pushed aside in order to make others happy: they'll tell their daughters they are beautiful, but they don't often tell themselves the same thing.

As a result, many little girls hear their moms say things like, "I could never wear a dress without Spanx" and "My nose looks ugly."

But when you criticize your body and looks, how does that affect your daughter, who not only admires you but is also developing her thoughts on body image and self-esteem?

In the video above, Real Simple discusses "What your daughter hears when you criticize yourself," and explains that girls who think their mothers dislike their bodies are more likely to be dissatisfied with their own.

So to turn things around, the video asks girls what they wish their moms knew.

One of those things? Be kind to yourself.

To hear more of these words of love and confidence, check out the video above.

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