03/15/2017 02:59 EDT | Updated 03/15/2017 04:37 EDT

Truck Falls Through Ice On Frozen Lake Winnipeg

Ko'ona Cochrane captured the accident on Facebook Live.

A Manitoba couple had quite the scare Tuesday afternoon when their truck fell through ice on Lake Winnipeg.

Ko'ona Cochrane captured the accident on Facebook Live, which shows her and her partner driving across the frozen lake until their vehicle breaks through the ice and water splashes up over it.

“Bail! Bail!” Her partner yells in the video, which you can see above.

“That’s my life! Take that!” Cochrane can be heard yelling, as the camera jumps around.

The two live in Manigotagan, on the east side of the lake, and had planned to take a shortcut across to visit her mother in Peguis, on the west side, she told CBC News.

The truck at the second it fell through the ice. (Photo: Storyful Studio/Screenshot)

She wrote on Facebook that she saw several vehicles out on the lake on the weekend, and that the ice was three feet thick.

However, she and her partner noticed a crack, she told CBC News, and opted to go in the opposite direction. Then they saw another one, so he slowed down to avoid it, but the truck still went through.

The vehicle was deep enough in the ice that they couldn’t push open the doors, she said. Water began moving into the cab from the engine, so they grabbed some belongings and got out.

"He got wet but he climbed out through the window into the water. I climbed up over top of the truck," she told CBC News.

(Photo: Storyful Studio/Screenshot)

Manitoba RCMP told CTV News that officers responded Tuesday afternoon to find two people on shore. Both were cold, but not soaking wet, police said, and both refused medical attention.

Mounties told Global News that the area isn’t an ice road crossing, so there’s no sign warning people to stay off the ice. But they advised anyone planning to go out on the lake that there is a fast current underneath the water.

So while Cochrane and her partner aren’t hurt, the truck is toast, totally submerged under the ice.

On Facebook, one person admonished another for laughing about the video, but Cochrane said she thought it was funny too until she lost her vehicle.

She even posted a video to show that they checked cracks before driving across them, but didn't see the crack that sunk their trunk until too late.

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