Marion Kelly Is The Real Winner Of The Internet

The four-year-old just keeps on stealing the show.

Let’s get one thing straight: Marion Kelly was the true star of the viral BBC video.

The four-year-old girl captured the Internet's attention last week when she happily sauntered into her father’s live interview. Everything from her carefree attitude to her adorable glasses completely stole our hearts – so much so that someone turned the four-year-old and her eight-month-old brother James into the cutest gif ever!

In a follow-up interview with The Wall Street Journal, dad Robert Kelly explained that his daughter was in a “hippity-hoppity mood” when she unabashedly crashed his appearance on the BBC.

On Wednesday, the little girl flexed her star power once again when she stole the show at a press conference with her family. While her parents talked about their newfound fame, Marion – looking utterly adorable in a trench coat and pink glasses – entertained the press with her bored, couldn’t-care-less expression.

Naturally, the Internet couldn’t get enough of her.

Keep doing your thing, Marion.

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