03/16/2017 08:37 EDT

Strong Winds Blow Ice-Fishing Shack Across Lake Superior

Windy weather can often mean a yard littered with branches, or a tangled swing set.

But one Wisconsin man had much more to worry about when strong winds blew his ice-fishing shack across one of the Great Lakes last week.

John Buvala of Air Fox Photography took his drone out on Sunday to help his friend Randy search for his missing shack. The pair had hoped it would be a quick search-and-rescue mission — how far could a building go?

But, it actually took two days to find the shack, which had blown from the coast near Oak Point, Wis., across a frozen Lake Superior to Long Island.

When the pair finally found it, they attached it to an all-terrain vehicle and drove it back to an original spot.

Watch the pair's hunt for the shack above.

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