03/17/2017 12:55 EDT

Jay Baruchel: Canadians Have Really Good BS Detectors When It Comes To Media

The actor doesn't plan on abandoning Canada for America any time soon.

Jay Baruchel isn't sure if Canucks will care for his latest movie, but he's certain the ones who watch it will recognize it as a legitimate Canadian story.

"Goon: Last Of The Enforcers" is the sequel to the 2011 film "Goon", which Baruchel also starred and helped write. This time, he's behind the camera, directing a story about a hockey player facing retirement after a new player challenges his title as the league's best enforcer.

"I think when people watch this movie and [Goon], even if they dislike it... they know it's not bullshit," says Baruchel. "They know it's real and it's coming from our heart and our gut and it has the stink of truth to it."

goon 2 last of the enforcers

Jay Baruchel says Canadians have good b.s. detectors when it comes to Canadian media. Credit: eOne

It's a story Baruchel says follows what “Trailer Park Boys” did in diversifying how Canadians are portrayed in pop culture.

"I think Canadians have really good bullshit detectors," says the Ottawa-native, highlighting how there's an opportunity for filmmakers to move beyond the traditional stereotypes.

"There's this awesome hole in Canada where I think that the average Canadian movie-goer isn't being as served as he or she could be," says Baruchel. "But we definitely made it for Canada."

“Canadians have really good bullshit detectors.”
— Jay Baruchel

"Our culture's been dictated by a small group of people for a long time and now we're opening it up."

For more on "Goon: Last Of The Enforcers" and why Baruchel doesn't plan on leaving Canada for the United States, watch the video above.

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