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Celtic Baby Names: 10 Beautiful Monikers You Don't Hear Every Day

So unique!

There’s no denying that Celtic baby names are beautiful. Not only do they have unique sounds and spellings, but they are also full of meaning.

Since there are seven nations in Europe – including Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany – that have retained Celtic roots and culture, there are a ton of baby name options to choose from. If you're looking for some inspiration, here are our top 10 Celtic baby name picks for boys and girls.

1. Oifa

This short and sweet name comes from Celtic mythology. Oifa (pronounced IY-Fah) was the sister of Ove. We love this name because of its feminine sound and unique spelling.

2. Emrys

Emrys (EM-riss) is a fine alternative to the popular unisex name Emery. While this moniker might have a softer sound, it still has a strong meaning: “immortal one.”

3. Finlo

Finlo is a fun and lively name that can be shortened to the ever-popular Finn. The moniker comes from the Isle of Man and means “fair Lugh” (Lugh is a Celtic sun god).

4. Avalon

Avalon, which means “island of apples,” is the name of an island in Celtic mythology which is supposedly where King Arthur’s sword was forged. We love Avalon's air of mystery and that it can be shortened to the feminine Ava.

5. Edan

Interestingly, Edan is the alternate spelling of the Irish name Aiden and means “little fire.” While the name Edan is a unisex moniker, we love the soft sound on boys.

6. Isolde

This name comes from the Arthurian tale Tristan and Isolde, which was inspired by a Celtic legend. We love Isolde’s strong meaning (“ice ruler”) and that it has a number of spelling variations: Iseult, Isolt and Yseult.

7. Maddox

Maddox is a Celtic name that became popular in the U.S. after Angelina Jolie chose it for her adopted son in 2003. Maddox means “son of Madoc.” According to Nameberry editors Pamela Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz, Madoc was “a legendary Welsh prince who discovered the New World 300 years before Columbus.”

8. Elowen

This elegant name sounds like something straight out of “Lord of the Rings.” Elowen (eh-LOH-in) is a lovely nature name that means “elm.” We love it for its charming, eloquent sound.

9. Alys

Sometimes alternate spellings of classic names can seem weird, but we have to admit, we love this variation! Compared to the feminine Alice, Alys has a more playful, boyish appeal.

10. Locryn

Locryn isn’t a name you hear every day, which is why’s it’s so appealing. It’s quite similar to the Scottish moniker Lachlan, but has a tougher sound. Makes sense, considering Locryn was the name of a legendary king of Britain.

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