03/20/2017 05:51 EDT | Updated 03/21/2017 10:42 EDT

World Vision Asks Kids Across The Globe About Their Biggest Fears

The differences are stark.

When a child’s top fears are airstrikes and explosions, it doesn’t take a lot to realize that war and conflict are likely the biggest influencers in their young lives.

To mark the sixth year of Syria’s ongoing civil war, World Vision asked approximately 100 children across the globe to share their fears and their dreams.

Saleh, who is from Syria, is most afraid of airstrikes, while Maddy, who lives in Canada, is scared of spiders.

Their answers, which you can see in the video (watch above), shows the difference in the psyches of kids who grow up in war zones compared to those raised in safe countries.

Hamza and Maddy share their fears. (Photo: Screengrab)

According to the aid organization, 43 per cent of Syrian children say they fear for their safety.

But some of them also said they’re owning their fears — and using them to shape their dreams.

“My biggest dream is to become an electrical engineer so I can rebuild Syria,” said 14-year-old Nour.

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