03/22/2017 11:42 EDT

Fashion Blogger Has No Time For Sh*tty Comments, Flushes Them Down Toilet

There's no better place for them.

Chiara Nasti is a fashion queen. And with more than 1.3 million followers on the 'gram, she's making it clear she has no time for hateful comments from trolls trying to dull her shine.

When you have a large audience, mean remarks appear to be inevitable. But Nasti's response is probably among the most epic the internet has ever seen.

Printing off the comments on what looks like some very cushiony toilet paper, the Italian blogger is putting all the rude criticism she receives right where it belongs — down the toilet.

Pulirsi in modo decente 💩 #forhaters

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"Pulirsi in modo decente," which translates to, "Clean yourself with decency," Nasti brilliantly captioned the pic, with a poop emoji to boot.

The post is currently sitting at over 25k likes and has received over 500 comments.

And while she has every right to call out the naysayers, the bombshell still managed to keep it classy by redacting their names.

Nonetheless, this clap back is one for the books — and judging by her recent photos taken in Florida and Mexico, Nasti seems to be too busy living her best life to even be bothered with haters anymore.

👙 @plumeetheree

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