03/22/2017 10:10 EDT

Nail Salon Accused Of Not Giving Pedicures To People Who Are 'Severely Overweight'


A Memphis, Tennessee, nail salon is under fire after allegedly refusing to give pedicures to "overweight" patrons.

The controversy began when a woman reportedly spotted a sign at Rose Nails that said overweight customers would be charged extra for pedicures.

"Sorry, but if you are overweight, pedicures will be $45 due to service fees for pedicurists. Thank you!" the signs reads.

Deshania Ferguson uploaded the image to Facebook on March 11 and wrote, "Went to get my nails done on Overton Crossing and Frayser Blvd and this is what they have up... so rude."

After the post went viral, local news channel WREG investigated the allegations against the salon. They were put in touch with the owner, Son Nguyen, who denied posting the sign in question, which is now gone.

"This isn’t your business? ... Even though the floors and chairs match?" WREG reporter Shay Arthur asked, as she showed him the Facebook photo.

"Yeah, I don’t think so ... there are same walls and floors everywhere, it could be anywhere. I don’t know," Nguyen replied, and added that he had thought about putting up a sign, but never did.

But after repeatedly denying the claims, Nguyen admitted he doesn't offer services to customers who are "severely overweight" because it's harder for estheticians, noting that two patrons in the past broke chairs due to their size, which "hurt his bottom line."

Something like this should never happen in a salon or any place of business, because come on, it's 2017. A nail salon is a place women love to visit for a good pampering, which makes them feel good about themselves. They should never have to face weight discrimination or be charged more for their body type.

No matter your race, age, sex, religion, disability or weight, discrimination is completely unacceptable and we need to learn to treat others with respect, inside and outside the beauty world.

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