03/22/2017 05:45 EDT | Updated 03/22/2017 11:12 EDT

Liberal MP's Rule-Breaking Photo Used For Fuel In Conservative Filibuster

Finance Minister Bill Morneau's big day got off to a rough start Wednesday after the Conservatives staged a filibuster to delay the release of the federal budget.

The filibuster was presumably staged to protest proposed Liberal reforms to House of Common rules to shorten the number of sitting days and question periods. Opposition parties have interpreted the proposed changes as a breach of parliamentary privileges.

Conservative and NDP MPs stood one after the other to make statements when Liberal MP Yasmin Ratansi tweeted a photo of her peers on the other side of the aisle, accusing them of “infantile behaviour.”

yasmin ratansi

The Don Valley East MP immediately received backlash and became filibuster fodder. Opposition MPs said Ratansi was in breach of the rules.

It’s against House of Commons rules for members to take pictures from inside the chamber.

Speaker Geoff Regan agreed and urged Ratansi to “delete the picture immediately.”

Conservative Michelle Rempel used Ratansi’s tweet as a wedge to make a point of clarification, saying opposition MPs feel the Liberals’ proposal is in “violation of all of our political privilege.”

The generous clapping eventually subsided and the Trudeau Liberal government released its second budget minutes later.

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