03/23/2017 04:47 EDT

4 Black Women Who Don't Get Enough Credit For Changing The World

You won't find them in the history books.

If "Hidden Figures" has taught us anything it's that women — especially black women — don't get the credit they deserve.

In the video above by Buzzfeed, we learn about four black women who broke barriers but are still absent from many history books.

Rosa Parks is remembered for refusing to give up her seat on a bus when the laws dictated that she should, but Claudette Colvin did the exact same thing nine months prior in Montgomery, Alabama, at the age of 15. Despite getting arrested for the incident Colvin had no regrets. "It felt like Sojourner Truth was on one side pushing me down, and Harriet Tubman was on the other side of me pushing me down. I couldn't get up," she later recalled.

Another black woman who's often forgotten: Bessie Coleman. The first African American woman to earn a pilot's licence and stage a public flight in the U.S., Coleman doesn't get anywhere near the same amount of attention as America's other famous female pilot: Amelia Earhart. Unlike Earhart, Coleman was turned away by many schools in America while attempting to get her piloting licence, which she only earned after she learned French and ventured to Paris for school.

Watch the video above to learn about two other black women who broke major barriers.

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