03/26/2017 05:44 EDT | Updated 03/27/2017 09:39 EDT

Hong Kong Escalator Suddenly Reverses Direction, Injuring 18 People

Eighteen people were injured after an escalator in a Hong Kong shopping mall suddenly reversed direction, sending passengers flying down multiple stories on Saturday.

A video shows shoppers at Langham Place mall in the neighbourhood of Mong Kok rush to help as passengers on a four-storey-high escalator are pushed into each other, towards the ground.

One of the injured passengers was hurt severely and sent to a local hospital, The Hong Kong Free Press reported.

“It was so sudden that people couldn’t respond in time ... more than 10 people piled up near the base of the escalator,” witness Lau Kit-ying told the South China Morning Post.

A spokesperson for the shopping centre told BBC News that it has asked the maintenance company to investigate.

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