03/27/2017 05:20 EDT | Updated 03/27/2017 05:20 EDT

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley Weighs In On Daylight Saving Debate

"I am kind of fond of that idea."

CALGARY — Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says ending time change in Alberta is a good idea.

She says the only problem is deciding which way to switch.

The legislature is considering a private member's bill that would see Alberta end the biannual ritual.

NDP backbencher Thomas Dang's proposal calls for Alberta to be on central standard time all year instead of mountain time.

That means Alberta would be on the same time as Saskatchewan year round, one hour ahead of British Columbia in the summer and two hours ahead of B.C. in the winter.

Premier Rachel Notley ponders which timezone Alberta should choose. (File photo: Jason Franson/The Canadian Press)

Notley says she supports Dang's bill in principle, but the jury is still out on which time zone to go with.

"Do you do away with it? I am kind of fond of that idea. But then the question is: What one do you pick?'' she said Monday.

"I think in principle it is a really good idea, but we've also heard from Albertans on both sides of the issue.''

Dang has said thousands of Albertans have told him in consultations and surveys that they want one time year round for a better quality of life.

If the bill passes, it wouldn't take effect until November 2018.

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