03/27/2017 12:05 EDT | Updated 03/27/2017 12:05 EDT

The History Of Hybrid Cars In Infographic Form


Owning a car run by electrical power once seemed like an invention from the Jetsons’ future. But the truth is that the first electric car came onto the scene in the 1830s. Since then, automotive companies have improved the technology to create environmentally-friendly vehicles that are increasingly efficient, fast, convenient and affordable. We take a look at the evolution of hybrid vehicles, in partnership with the all-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.

infographic chrysler

Look how far we’ve come! Showcasing a 16-kWh lithium-ion battery with an electric range of up to 53 kilometres and a total driving range of up to 911 kilometres with a full charge and a full tank of gas, there’s no need to compromise on features, technology, functionality or efficiency with the first-ever hybrid minivan: Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. Click here to learn more about how the all-new Pacifica Hybrid can easily fit into your life.