03/27/2017 19:37 EDT | Updated 03/28/2018 01:12 EDT

USA Hockey quashed chance for women's Olympic rematch with Canada: report

The women's gold medal hockey game at the 2014 Sochi Olympics was easily one of the best of all time, so it would be reasonable to think a potential rematch between the heavyweight American and Canadian teams would be of interest.

Unless you happen to be USA Hockey, which reportedly took a pass on the idea three years ago. 

The organization is already embroiled in a PR nightmare with the U.S. women's team threatening to boycott the upcoming world championship over fair wages, so former national team member Brianne McLaughlin's claims could not have come at a worse time. 

McLaughlin was recently discussing the boycott on a podcast called The Garden Faithful when the story about a proposed rematch between Team USA and Team Canada after the gold-medal game was brought up. 

"After the 2014 Olympics, the response we'd gotten, there was TV broadcasting willing to pay huge amounts of money for one more game," McLaughlin said on the podcast.

"Fans wanted to see one more USA-Canada game that they were willing to dump so much money [into it]. So we had a meeting about it and by the time we got out of our meeting, before we even decided what we wanted to do, we heard from the Canadian team that USA Hockey told them that we didn't want to play."

Along with the issue over wages, the women's team has expressed a desire for a heavier focus on marketing as well — perhaps like the kind that would have been generated from an Olympic-size rematch..