03/28/2017 11:48 EDT

Band-Aid Hacks: 3 Easy Tricks To Add To Your First Aid Kit

Because applying them around your fingers is a major pain.

Anyone who's had to apply a Band-Aid around their finger knows how easy it is to get wrong. Apply it too tight and you end up with a purple finger and a Band-Aid that's impossible to remove. Wrap it a little looser and not only does it look grotesque, it's also more likely to unravel.

Well, stress no more because there's an easier way to apply finger bandages that not only keep your wound sealed but also allow for flexibility. In fact, there's not just one way, there's three!

In the video above we look at three easy fingertip Band-Aid hacks you need to try.

The first tip, from C Channel Thailand, shows how two straight cuts into the wings of a Band-Aid can create a secure seal around tricky spots like knuckles.

Another easy tip comes courtesy of YouTube star CrazyRussianHacker, who suggests buying rectangular bandages because they're easy to customize.

Still not a fan of Band-Aids for fingers? You might want to consider the liquid stuff, which provides an invisible barrier around your wound. Just be sure to reapply it if you're frequently washing your hands.

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