03/28/2017 11:17 EDT

Japanese Café Refuses To Hire Employees Who Wear Makeup

Well, this is unusual.

Japan has long been known for creating quirky cafés (hello, Poop Café), but their latest is raising eyebrows for a whole other reason.

Naturalia café in Sapporo has instituted a strict makeup-free policy for its employees. The staff is also forbidden from sporting "excessively dyed hair or garish manicures."

According to a recruitment page for the café, staff who fit the company's strict hiring policy will be paid at a rate of approximately $14.50 Cdn per hour.

Aside from placing limitations on their staff's appearance, Naturalia's website also claims the company has a right of refusal for candidates who smoke or have previously worked in a nightclub.

Though the company's hiring process is controversial, the café hasn't lost any favour with fans and surpassed its crowdfunded goal for a second location which is expected to open in Tokyo.

Hiring laws around the world vary greatly, but in Canada employers do have a right to regulate the appearance of employees to an extent with the use of dress codes and limitations on visible piercings and/or tattoos.

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