03/29/2017 12:30 EDT

Montreal Police Investigate Report Of Radicalized Airport Workers

MONTREAL — Quebec's public security minister says police are taking all necessary steps to ensure public safety after a report suggested some workers at Montreal's airport may have been radicalized.

Martin Coiteux says Montreal police, the Quebec provincial force and the RCMP are working together and monitoring the situation closely.

martin coiteux

Quebec's public security minister Martin Coiteux says police are looking into a report that two workers at Montreal's airport showed signs of radicalization.

A French-language TV network reported Tuesday that two airport employees with access to restricted areas were found to have showed signs of radicalization.

TVA said a police investigation found the workers had watched pro-ISIS propaganda and that one possessed books on military-calibre assault weapons.

The network reported one of the employees has since left the airport, while the other was reassigned away from secured areas.

Montreal's airport authority issued a statement saying the airport is secure and that it had not been informed of any specific threat.

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