03/30/2017 09:50 EDT

Santa Is Gay, In An Interracial Relationship In New Picture Book

A new Santa Claus is coming to town!

According to Time magazine, a new picture book featuring a gay Santa Claus in an interracial relationship will be published by Harper Design.

The book, called Santa's Husband, will go on sale Oct. 10 and will tell "the true story of a black Santa and his white husband (who often fills in for him at malls), and their life at the North Pole," reports

Daniel Kibblesmith, a staff writer for "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," came up with the idea for writing a book about a gay, black Santa after tweeting last December that he and his partner "decided our future child will only know about Black Santa. If they see a white one we'll say 'That's his husband.'"

On Tuesday, Kibblesmith tweeted a photo of the book's concept art, which shows the two Santas gazing into each other's eyes.

While this is super exciting, it's still worth noting that not everyone is accepting of books about the LGBTQ community (and, by extension, the LGBTQ community itself).

Recently, a North Carolina school district pulled a children's book called Jacob's New Dress from their Grade 1 curriculum after parents, teachers, and lawmakers complained that it taught children to be transgender.

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Authors Sarah and Ian Hoffman spoke out about the ban, noting that reading books can't turn you transgender.

“The idea that a book can turn someone gay or transgender is bizarre to us. Reading a book can’t turn you gay,” Sarah told the Charlotte Observer. “If a white kid reads a book about Martin Luther King Jr., will they become black? This book is about a little boy who wears a dress, something outside of traditional gender roles, much like the idea of a girl wearing pants was 100 years ago. It’s about following your heart.”

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