03/30/2017 03:39 EDT | Updated 03/30/2017 03:40 EDT

Lake Ontario 'Ice House' Thaws And The Transformation Is Amazing

This is one house transformation even HGTV couldn't replicate.

Earlier this month, photographer John Kucko snapped some stunning photos of a home on the shore of Lake Ontario totally encased in ice.

Wind and waves from the lake, combined with frigid temperatures, completely frosted over the Webster, N.Y. house and left it dripping with thick, cascading icicles.

The Internet was enthralled with the phenomenon.

But when Kucko returned to the home Wednesday evening, he found an amazing transformation.

Gone was the thick coating of ice, revealing an adorable, yellow-sided cottage.

"Stunning that this little beach home along Lake Ontario...sustained NO damage," he wrote in a Facebook update.

The home's 86-year-old owner, Betty Perkins-Carpenter, must be particularly relieved. In an interview with Kucko earlier this month she told him she was "very much afraid" that she would be faced with extensive damage to the home after the spring thaw.

Check out some of the thaw in the video above.

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