03/30/2017 07:54 EDT

Montreal Subway's Mice Problem Is Terrifyingly Evident In This Video


Montreal — like most big cities — has a growing rodent problem.

The city's vermin population has been on the rise lately. In 2016, the Montreal Gazette reported that an unseasonably warm winter led to ideal breeding conditions for rats, mice, squirrels and other rodents. It's even led to exterminators being busier than normal.

The baby boom was especially evident in a video posted on a Facebook group called Spotted: STM on Tuesday. The clip shows tiny mice walking around Montreal's Côte-des-Neiges metro station, according to the post.

Those living in other cities shouldn't feel too relieved. Rodents are reproducing faster in cities across the country, according to CTV News. City rats are most commonly seen in metro stations, and are especially visible when construction projects disrupt their habitats.

That's OK, though. We can handle rats, right? No big deal.

Toooootally cool.

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