People Prefer Pets Over Their Partners, Survey Shows


In case you needed more proof that animals are better than humans, a recent poll done by National Today, a website dedicated to keeping track of "national days," revealed that out of 1,000 participants, 64 per cent said that they would prefer spending an evening with their cat over their significant other.

This poll was conducted in accordance with National Respect Your Cat Day on March 28, a day in which, well, you respect your cat. During their survey they also asked participants about the top five ways they respect their cat and the top five ways they celebrate with their cat.

The findings revealed that 81 per cent of respondents pet their cat to respect them, and 83 per cent would want to take a nap with them to celebrate.

Last year, a website called conducted a similar poll in England, according to the Telegraph. The poll surveyed 1,000 pet owners and revealed that out of those participants, 54 per cent of women preferred to cuddle with their pets rather than their partner, and 34 per cent of men would also do the same.

Now this may be surprising to some, but apparently cats feel the same way. In a recent study done by Oregon State University, the scientists were able to prove that cats are indeed nice and that they prefer humans over food.

In that study, they gathered 50 cats, from both homes and shelters, and they took away their food, toys and people. After a few hours, the scientists began giving the cats back their things. Half of the cats preferred socializing with humans over any other option, while 37 per cent of them preferred eating their food.

In the National Today poll they went ahead and asked the cat owners if they think their cats “get them.” For 37 per cent of people, the answer was a definitive "yes," and 80 per cent said they understand their cats as well.

So if you're someone who'd rather spend the evening on the couch with your cat, you're definitely not alone — even if you'd prefer to be.

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